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Revitalize Your Health with Vitality MD's Premium IV Therapy Solutions

Discover the ultimate in wellness with Vitality MD's premium IV therapy options. Our carefully curated infusions are designed to rejuvenate your body, enhance your energy levels, and boost your overall health. Whether you're seeking rapid hydration, immune support, or targeted treatments for specific health concerns, our IV therapies provide 100% absorption of essential vitamins and minerals for immediate and effective results. Experience the benefits of personalized care and take the first step towards optimal vitality with our expert team at Vitality MD.

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Myers' Cocktail

The Myers' formula is a potent blend of high doses of B vitamins, vitamin C, and essential minerals (magnesium and calcium) combined with sterile water.

This IV infusion is designed to rehydrate your body after intense exercise or excessive alcohol consumption, boost your immune system, elevate energy levels, and alleviate fatigue. Additionally, it helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, while also detoxifying your body and promoting healthier skin. The Myers' formula is effective in treating a variety of conditions, including asthma, allergies, chronic sinusitis, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart disease, acute muscle spasms, and Parkinson's disease. It also provides relief from migraine and tension headaches, making it a versatile and comprehensive treatment option.

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Lean Machine

The Lean Machine IV infusion is crafted to enhance fat transport and burning, accelerating your metabolism and aiding in safe, effective weight loss, especially when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

In just under 45 minutes, you'll receive essential nutrients to jump-start your weight loss journey. The Lean Machine formula includes normal saline, B-complex, B12, taurine, and Lipo MIC. B-complex comprises five essential B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, which are crucial for converting food into energy, cell production, and overall bodily functions. B12 is known for boosting energy, maintaining healthy nerve and blood cells, improving sleep, and mitigating stress effects. Taurine, an amino sulfonic acid, supports cardiovascular health, muscle repair, endurance, and combats fatigue. Lipo MIC aids in weight loss and muscle maintenance by releasing fat deposits and detoxifying the liver. Together, taurine and Lipo MIC enhance metabolism, energy, and cognitive function. IV therapy ensures 100% absorption of these vital vitamins and minerals, delivering immediate benefits.

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Diet & Detox

Unlock the secrets to rejuvenation and wellness with our potent blend of essential nutrients meticulously crafted to support your health goals. Introducing our Diet-Detox Vitamin Drip, designed to invigorate your system and promote optimal vitality.

This IV infusion boosts metabolism, detoxifies the liver, and enhances energy production. Multi-Trace 5 restores balance by replenishing vital trace minerals crucial for cellular function and immune support. Travasol delivers amino acids necessary for muscle repair, growth, and recovery. Ascorbic acid, a potent dose of Vitamin C, strengthens the immune system and combats oxidative stress. L-Carnitine enhances fat metabolism and energy production, aiding in weight management. The Glutathione Push detoxifies your body, promotes cellular health, and improves skin complexion. The Diet-Detox Vitamin Drip is an all-encompassing treatment to help you achieve optimal vitality and well-being.

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Recovery and Performance

The Recovery and Performance IV drip is a potent blend of Super Vita Complex, Amino Blend, Ascorbic Acid, and Mineral Blend, ideal for low energy, fibromyalgia, depression, post-surgery recovery, and dehydration.

This IV infusion swiftly delivers essential nutrients and hydration directly into your bloodstream, supporting intense physical activity and providing remarkable results. It reverses dehydration and fortifies your body for optimal performance.Experience increased energy, boosted immunity, improved sleep quality, and reduced muscle aches with the revitalizing Recovery and Performance IV drip.

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Clarity and Cleanse

Indulge in Clarity and Cleanse, a rejuvenating IV infusion showering your body with high-dose Vitamin C and Glutathione

Two potent antioxidants essential for cellular repair and regeneration. Elevate clarity in thyroid function with selenium, ensuring optimal glandular health. Complete the experience with a nourishing multivitamin and mineral blend for comprehensive wellness support. Experience revitalization from within with Clarity and Cleanse IV drip.

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Introducing the Immunity IV—a powerhouse infusion of essential nutrients crafted to fortify your immune system and enhance overall health. With this proactive treatment, you can trust that you're taking a decisive step towards optimal well-being, ensuring your body is prepared to tackle any challenges that come your way.

Convenient and effective, the Immunity IV provides comprehensive support for your immune system, making it the perfect choice for those committed to prioritizing their health. Strengthen your defenses against Covid and other seasonal viruses with a potent blend of Ascorbic Acid, Vita complex, Glutathione, and Zinc. Ideal for healthcare workers and frontline heroes, this infusion offers vital support to those on the front lines. Experience the confidence of a robust immune system with the Immunity Boost IV—because proactive health is the best defense.

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